Chenille Wash Sponge


  • Luxurious & Heavy Duty Sponge
  • 2-in-1 Scrub & Sponge
  • Heavy Duty & Easy Grip
  • Lint & Streak free Cleaning
  • Big Sponge for Extra Absorbency
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Crab is a highly trusted brand that delivers the high quality product to the customers. Crab high quality wash sponge made of premium quality microfiber. These are specially designed to remove the heavy dirt and grime from the vehicle surface without scratching it off. These Sponges are made carefully from high quality microfiber to leave a minimal effect on the surface because normal sponge can ruin the vehicle paint and polish. The long Microfiber Strands easily remove the fine dirt and grime from every part of the vehicle which makes it more demanding in the market place. It can be used for exterior as well as interior cleaning. The thick Microfibers are highly absorbent which easily retain the all water and soap for maximum lather to wipe out the heavy grimes from the vehicle surface. It is easy to wash and dry, Other than cleaning vehicles, it can also be used for cleaning household appliances, kitchen/bathroom glasses. The Premium quality microfiber assist in swirl and lint free cleaning of the vehicle surface. It can be rewashed again and again for the multiple uses. It does not require any extra cleansing agent for cleaning the surface. The size of the sponge makes it more complete to the users. The Plush Microfibers makes it safe to use on delicate surfaces. The premium quality polyester makes it more durable than other regular sponge.


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