Folding Duster


  • Wax Treated Strands For Attracting Dust
  • Thick Strands to Lift & Store Dust
  • Microfiber brush is easier to use and maintain than a cotton brush
  • Adjustable Folding Duster
  • Scratch free microfiber duster, Use wet for exterior car wash

Crab is a highly trusted brand that delivers the high quality product to the customers. Crab high quality folding duster made of premium quality microfiber. The Thick Microfiber strands in the duster easily lift and remove the dirt so that it does not cause any breathing problem to the users. It comes with a storage bag to easily store the dirt. This Microfiber duster is easier to use and maintain than a regular cotton brush. It can be used in wet application for the exterior car wash. The Thick Soft strands do not scratch off the paint while cleaning the vehicle surface. Flexible aluminium rod help you reach somewhere high and fold the brush, non-skip soft foam covered handle will not freeze your hand in winter. It is soft, super absorbent and quick drying duster.

The wax used in this duster makes it more effective for attracting the heavy dirt and grimes from the vehicle surface. Antibacterial Microfiber is perfect for interior as well as exterior cleaning. The handle of the duster is twisted by soft foam rubber, non-slip and easy to grip. These dusters are made carefully from high quality microfiber to leave a minimal effect on the surface because normal duster can ruin the vehicle paint and polish. It is great for outdoor use for cars, trucks motorcycles, and indoor use for windows, shelves, mirrors etc. The Use of fine quality microfiber makes the duster durable as they do not lose their strands while cleaning the hard or soft surfaces. The duster is easy to clean just shake it after the dry use, or if you want to wash it just put it in the warm water and washes it.


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