Crab Car Spray Perfume With Marine Fragrance for Car, Office & Home


  • Non Aerosol Spray
  • Uses : Car, Home, Office, Restaurant Etc With The Help Of Absorbent Dangler
  • Last Upto (1,000 Spray)
  • No Ammonia and CFC
  • Best Before : 24 Months from month of packaging

Crab is a highly trusted brand that deliver the high quality luxury Car Accessories to the customers. Crab Car Marine Spray Perfume Comes With the High Fragrance Retention which Freshen up the entire car for long period of time. A car with good fragrance ensures a good state of mind of anyone sitting inside the car, especially during long drives. it does not contain any aerosol and ammonia which can cause health related problem. It comes with intense magical fragrance that spreads an envelope of desirous freshness around the corners. The aroma influences your senses and ignites a passionate warm masculine aura around everyone who get a whiff of this scent; just one or two spray in the car are enough to keep enough a nice fragrance for several hours.

Crab Car Spray Perfume contains a high concentration of real perfume as compared to aerosol air fresheners.The perfume does not leave behind any stain on the car interior surface. Perfume Bottle is beautifully designed to fit in your car dashboard or cupboard. The Spray does not contain CFC(Chlorofluorocarbon) which can cause health related problem and also affect the environment. It does not contain any harmful chemicals which can provoke asthma or allergy. These spray perfumes can be used in used home, office to maintain the odor of the indoor.

Spray Perfume Bottle last up-to the 1000 spray which makes it more demanding in the market place. Spray Perfume can be used throughout the year irrespective of the seasons and comes with absorbent dangler i.e. You can spray the perfume on the dangler and later hang the dangler on the dashboard for long lasting fragrance. The Unique and Compact design will increase the Look-n-Feel of Luxury Car Interior. It does not contain Carcinogen and Other organic volatile compound which can affect car interior and one’s individual health.


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