Seat Bottom Cushion


  • Washable and finely stitched cover made with anti-sweat mesh fabric
  • Anti-slip bottom to keep cushion in place
  • Ergonomically Design
  • High-Grade Temperature Sensitive Viscoelastic Memory foam
  • Its compact design makes it ideal to take everywhere

Crab is a highly trusted brand that delivers the high quality product to the customers. Crab high quality seat bottom cushion made of high grade sensitive viscoelastic memory foam with extra cushioning; it is firm with high resilience to retain its shape. It is specially designed to give users an ultra comfort experience, the temperature sensitive top layer of the memory foam is soft and offer a custom sitting convenience. Other than car they can be used at home while watching TV, Gaming, studying, recliners, couch etc. It can also be used at offices for comfortable working experience. Its compact design makes it easier to carry while travelling.

Seat Bottom Cushion has the best bearing capacity which helps in counter the muscle fatigue. The fine linen fabric evenly distributes the pressure throughout the cushion which helps in maintaining its original size. The Fabric used in this product is washable and finely stitched, and comes with an Anti-Sweat mesh to give user a sweat free experience during the ride. It comes with Anti-Slip bottom to keep the Cushion in its place. Its ergonomic design helps in maintain the proper posture of the body throughout the day. The material used in cushions makes them highly durable and work throughout the year irrespective of the seasons.


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