Wash n Wax


  • Protects against Unsightly Water Marks and Spots
  • Contains a pearlescent polymer that minimizes water left on your vehicle when rinsing
  • Specially formulated to enhance sheeting and beading
  • Thick rich suds gently lift dirt for an ultra-clean and shiny finish
  • Blanketing agents help formula spread into nooks and crannies to attack tough dirt

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Crab is a highly trusted brand that delivers the high quality product. Crab high quality Wash n Wax is specially formulated to protect the vehicle from unsightly water marks and spots. The Solution used in this shampoo is Ph balanced neither Acidic nor Basic in nature. The Product contain a high quality Pearlscent Polymer that minimizes the water residue on the vehicle when rinsing. It has the rich, thick suds which gently removes the hardcore dirt, and gives the ultra smooth and shiny finish to the vehicle. It is specially formulated to enhance the sheating and beading. The Blanketing agent in the product helps in cleaning the tough and heavy dirt from the remote part of the vehicle. It does not scratch off the paint during the washing. It is safe for all type of surface.


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